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Attention Vu Thanh Trung
Dear Sir,

Sub: Validation of application, Compliance(CPL) exercise, Due Diligence
and KYC Procedures

We are in receipt of your complaint’s regarding the lien placed on your
account by our central system in conjunction with our financial
regulatory Agency’s.

Considering the huge amount involved , the authorities are currently
SCREENING the fund to ensure that it conforms with the statutory
Monetary regulation norms which are in conjunction with the Hong Kong
Monetary Authority Financial Act.

Its imperative that the beneficiary conforms with the Regulatory
Financial Guidelines by registering the transaction with the appropriate
authorities prior before the embargo would be lifted thereby allowing
the funds on HOLD to be credited or transferred to any other designated
bank account.

Be reminded that your transaction is an offshore generated fund, hence
the beneficiary would be required to secure the clearances from the
Monetary regulatory authorities, as soon as the necessary paper works
are secured, copies would be sent to us(The Shiga Bank HK) for
reconciliation. At the moment, the beneficiary cannot successfully
conduct any transaction not until the reconciliation processes are fully
redeemed by the beneficiary prior before the Compliance(CPL) clearance
Code would be generated by our Central System.

Note that the Compliance(CPL) Clearance is a ONE OFF request and be rest
assured that there won’t be any other restrictions or lien on your
transaction immediately the CPL is resolved.

Note that the BENEFICIARY is expected to make a down payment of
$USD2,850.00 to expedite the resolution of the pending transaction.
Be advised that we cannot make any form of deduction from the Principal
because of the insurance Policy covering the funds.

Our wire instructions would be availed to you (The Beneficiary) on

Be informed that the regulatory Authorities have given a deadline of 3
working days(72hours) to redeem the Compliance requirements and also
reconcile the necessary paper works and gazette the transaction with the
appropriate Government Agency’s else the funds would be quizzed. Its
worthy to note that our Monetary regulatory authorities are particularly
strict on movement of huge funds and as such its mandatory on our part
as an institution to ensure that all transactions that falls in your
category complies with our Statutory Financial regulatory Act which are
also inconsonance with The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) standard
practice, be advised that the relevant authorities in your country has
been updated for their record.

Find attached some forms which you are expected to fill out, sign where
necessary , notarized and return copies to enable us advise accordingly.

We solicit your attention in this regard.

Yours faithfully,

Kanji Kishida
Executive Officer & Manager-Operations.
Unit 1001 Floor 10
Henley Building
5 Queen’s Road Central,
Central Hong Kong.
Website: Shigagin.com
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other person or use them in any way. No employee is authorized to
conclude any binding agreement on our behalf with another party by
e-mail, without express written confirmation by an authorized officer of

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