Address 8144 GA-16, Senoia, 

GA 30276, United States



Dear Valued Customer. Xin Chao Ong,

This is Mr Raymond Griffin, Senior Operations Manager-Payment Officer, you are welcome to Capital One Bank United States Of America, I am the personal account officer of your Donor and I have been mandated to assist you with the transfer of £9,025,000.00 to your personal bank account without any stringent policy of the Government.

Your donation funds will be released to you via the Online Banking Transfer System which is the fastest and safest way to get the funds across to any local bank account without having problems with the government, and the total funds will be in your personal account within 12hours after funds transfer is completed by this bank to your personal bank account.

 Furthermore, we will need you to know that you are responsible for the Donation Funds Inter-Country Insurance Charges of $925 which is the insurance charges for the transfer of your total donation funds of £9,025,000.00 to your personal/local bank account in your country.

   In view of this we need you to reconfirm to this bank the below details to avoid double claiming/illegal claiming of donation funds in our bank by an Unknown person.

(1) Full Names.

(2) Country.

(3) Phone Number.

(4) Copy of your Identification

(5) Donation Funds Inter-Country Insurance Charges of $925

    Once the above requirement is provided, this bank shall immediately transfer your donation funds to your local/personal bank account that you are going to provide for the transfer and you shall receive your donation funds in your local bank account in the next 12hours maximum after the transfer is made.

 This bank shall email you the Donation Funds Inter-Country Insurance Charges of $925 Payment Instructions for you to send the PAYMENT of $925, kindly provide to us the above listed information for us to proceed further.

Thank you for Banking with us.

Best Regards,

Mr. Raymond Griffin,

Senior Operations Manager-Payment Officer,

Capital One Bank Usa.

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