Hello Beneficiary: Sir,


This email serves as a confirmation that I have received your information to acknowledge your acceptance of this £9025,000 donation by forwarding the required information as proof of identity in compliance with the transfer bank, “CAPITAL One Bank” – Banking Policy and ethics wise”.

In order for you to receive your donation in compliance with the Accrediting Bank Operating Policy for complete transfer of your funds, you will be sent further directives on how to make contact with the transferring bank.

All legal documents will be sent to the bank as soon as communication is established with the bank and been the ONE LUCKY WINNER for this year 2024, the bank awaits your initial communication with them so they can educate you further on this process of your donation claim and if you ask me, I am so happy that I have been fulfilling my obligation since I and my wife became winners of this huge jackpot and I hope you do the same from your end. I will be doing this to 50 different people around the world as I have stated before and I am so happy in my soul.

However, the bank can be contacted with the information below and be well informed that your donation fund is already approved legally and deposited with the correspondent bank for transfer. Your deposit reference code is (WRDJ-OAB/2110-925/UK-GB). It is very important that you quote your deposit reference code when making contact with the bank so that they can attend to you in this regard and make sure your donation is made available to you as well. This will enable the bank to verify your claims and that you are the real beneficiary for this year, 2024 and for this reason, also please kindly keep your deposit reference code secret as well as your donation news secret till everything is completed. Find the bank contact information below:

Bank Name: CAPITAL One Bank
Financial Director: Mr. Raymond Griffin
Bank Email:

Note: You are expected to follow every instruction from the bank as instructed in order for them to complete the process of having your approved donation funds sent across to you. Thanks for making yourself available for the services of humanity and I pray you also make donations to other people and make people happy forever.

Warm Regards
Mr & Mrs Frances & Patrick Connolly
EuroMillion Winners
Northern Ireland

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